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Introducing: Void Empty Introducing: Void

Post by Void on Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:33 pm

Full Name: Just call her Void. Bad things happen when you try to figure out her real name.
Race: Twi'lek.
Age: 26
Skin Color: Red
Personality: Cheerful. Takes what she wants.

From an early age, Void demonstrated a talent for interrogation. She was made an interrogator for her Hutt master at the age of 7, and did her job extremely well. She was actually quite happy, as most people didn't annoy her out of fear of ending up in her 'office'. Of course, that time couldn't last. When she turned 11, she was discovered to be Force-sensitive by a Sith Lord, and taken to the Academy on Korriban. She completed her apprenticeship quite quickly and easily, showing her new master both a proficiency at interrogation and torture, and the natural cruelty to use those skills.

She was made a Lord at the age of 16, and moved on to work as an interrogator, mostly assisting Imperial Intelligence. She rose through the ranks of the Sith, currying favor with such powerful individuals as Darth Jadus and Darth Malak. She joined the Lords of Shadow during this period, seeking ever more power and connections within the Sith.

At the age of 26, she finally reached her ultimate goal and was made a Dark Lord of the Sith. Now, with the new title of Darth, she has decided to settle down, and simply wait for Darth Jadus to drop, so she can swoop in and claim his rulership of Imperial Intelligence. Meanwhile she pursues other interests. Like interrogation. And cute Lieutenants.


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