The Ultima Legacy- Ultamias the Traitor

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The Ultima Legacy- Ultamias the Traitor Empty The Ultima Legacy- Ultamias the Traitor

Post by Ultamias on Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:39 pm

This will be a multi part backstory. The first part is here, and I will post replies as the next parts. Please lemme know what you think. When I get my alts recruited into the guild I'll post their stories, hence the legacy title. Enjoy! (I know my character is a bounty hunter, and he doesn't seem like one now. All in good time my friends.)

"Power. That is what the sith are about." The Sith Lord Ultima stood above his apprentices. Knelt at his feet were Dark Lord Ultamius, a look of defiance in his eye, and Praetorian Ultrenius, eyes gazing, unblinking, into Ultima's mask eye slits. Beside the Sith Lord, arms crossed in an uncaring way, stood a figure, clad in the robes of a sith but paying little attention to the scene.
"Father, this ceremony is but a waste of time. Your pupils are clearly more powerful than I, as you have reminded me countless times."
"You will be silent Ultamias. I care little for a son who was born without a connection to the force. I have not killed you yet only because your mother inclines to make credits off of your ability to hunt. "
Ultamias's hand flew to the blaster at his side, but the instant his hand grasped the trigger he felt it was useless. Ever since he had been tested by the sith and found to have no ability in the force, he had been denied a saber and found himself finding more and more comfort in his blaster, stolen from a pirate whom he had slaughtered with his vibroknife. He barely made a living hunting k'lor'slugs and tuk'ata in the lower wilds of korriban, selling their claws, teeth, and skins to smugglers to turn a profit. His parents hated him, but as long as he brought in credits, they had agreed to let him live for the time being. But hunting animals was growing tiresome. Ultamias's dream; to hunt humans and aliens, as the famed bounty hunters did. If his parents would not care for him, he would care little for their lives. Besides, who would miss one sith? Many would even pay for Lord Ultima's lightsaber. Maybe someday...
"You are a failure, Ultamias. That is all you will ever be, for if you are not sith, you are nothing. Ultamius here slaughtered a rancor with his bare hands. Ultrenius bested the spirit of Naga Sadow at a force duel. What have you done?"
Ultamias seethed with fury, but try as he might, no force energy came to him. Enough was enough. He could not be sith, but could still kill far better than them.
"Nothing yet father. But someday I will be greater than you. A pity you will not be around to see it."
In hindsight it may not have been the best idea to attack Ultima. He was a Lord of the Sith after all, and his apprentices would certainly defend him. But Ultamias was beyond rational thought at this point. His blaster was up in a second, a stream of glowing red bolts flying from its barrel. But Ultima was faster; his lightsaber knocked every shot away.
"You fool!" Ultima screamed as he shot a crackling blast of lightning. Ultamias dived for cover as the lightning streaked past him, blaster still firing. Suddenly, he felt an invisible limb grab him and slam him against the window. Damn the force, Ultamias thought. His vision blurred; he could barely see. He had been so foolish to attack a dark lord head on with nothing but a blaster! He had one last resort.
"Now you see what happens to traitors." Ultima raised his hands. Ultamias knew what came next. The unavoidable lightning strike from above. He had only 5 seconds to live and only 3 tools to use: his blaster, a cheap grapple gun, used for exploring ancient caverns, and a 50 credit pulse grenade, usable only to blind animals. When I get off of this planet I'm gonna have to buy up some gear, or else I'll never be a hunter! With one great heave of his elbow, Ultamias shattered the glass window of the citadel on korriban they were on. He then proceeded to hurl the grenade while at the same time leaping backward off the edge. Ultima roared. The grenade had not been expected, and he was now blind for a few seconds. Firing his grapple gun at the last minute, Ultamias caught the edge of the tower and landed safely on the ground. He was out of breath, but could not stop. He took off at a sprint toward his only means of escape: an imperial shuttle, deserted while its crew rested in the cantina. The soon to be bounty hunter had just stepped on the ramp when he felt an agonizing pain in his back. He collapsed in a heap, still crawling desperately for the controls. In the mirror Ultamias saw his father, Lord Ultima. He walked with a limp but had fire in his eyes, obviously having lept from the tower in pursuit. This is the end then, Ultamias thought. This is the part where he kills me. However, just as he was about to pass out, he saw out the corner of his eye a lightsaber, spiraling through the air. Ultima raised his hands just in time to stop the missile from taking off his head, but not soon enough to stop its concussive force. He staggered backwards, off balance, as a figure flew through the air towards him. It was Ultamius, Ultima's apprentice! No doubt staging an attempt at seizing control. He couldn't have picked a better time. As the two of them clashed swords, Ultamius found time to glance at the aspiring hunter. The look on his face was clear: You owe me for this. Ultamias stumbled to his feet and slammed a button, which caused the shuttle door to close. With a few button presses, the shuttle was into the sky and rapidly zooming out of korriban's atmosphere. Ultamias clenched the control stick so hard his hands went numb, until he was finally clear from imperial space. Safe at last, he slumped into his chair, exhausted. Where to go now? He had no gear, no money, and a sith lord hunting him. Funny how the hunter ends up being the hunted, he thought. One thing was certain though; there was no turning back. He would make a living, one way or another, and someday kill his father. A sith lord HAD to have some kind of bounty on him after all. Ultamias stared at the holomap. So many destinations! The galaxy would one day be his to terrorize, and nobody, not the sith or the republic would be able to stop him.


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