Exidous Khareal (Character Bio)

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Exidous Khareal (Character Bio) Empty Exidous Khareal (Character Bio)

Post by Exidous on Wed May 01, 2013 12:12 am

Little is known about Exidous, even his name is uncertain. It was chosen by him at an unknown age. Once Exidous
learned the meaning of the word "Exodus", the mispelling he frequently used became his name. The irony of the choice is a constant reminder that not all is what it seems. Born into the bonds of slavery, his parents kept his conception, birth and early years secret from the Sith Empire. This was not hard on Korriban, though he was eventually discovered. Thought to be the prophet that would change history and free the slaves, Exidous was taken and was to be killed. A young Darth Xhul took notice of the young Zabrak, however, and halted the execution. He recognized the anger and hatred that boiled within the young Force adept. Darth Xhul never formally acknowledged Exidous as his apprentice, thus giving him the ability to take on another. Exidous was mostly a pet, and an experiment. He was brutally trained in the Juyo form of light saber combat, among others. Because of the reckless method of training with Exidous was largely experimental, the outcome or death due to something such as Juyo was simply a result - not a tragedy.He trained moderately in Jar'Kai, though his use of the double-bladed light saber dominated his fighting style. On his own accord, Exidous actively trained in the Teras Kasi fighting style in an effort to safe guard his mind, among other things, should he have to fight Force Users unarmed. This paranoia was targeted specifically at his "Master" Darth Xhul. Exidous was trained well in the 6 light saber forms, though Juyo was evident frequently due to the lack of discapline emphasized by his trainers. Exidous was said to be the beginning of a long line of experimental training amongst some in the Sith Empire, though nothing has yet leaked beyond what Exidous knows of his own training.

Now the self proclaimed Sith Lord seeks his earned formal training in the Sith Empire while feeding his psychologically damaged mind that needs constant satisfaction.


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