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the Hunt for Melub Empty the Hunt for Melub

Post by Rikor on Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:21 pm

Dear guildmates,

A level 23 Marauder named Melub attacked one of our veteran members, Reena. In response, there is a 50k credit bounty for her and any of her allies turned into Darth Katanyia, Darth Zathasveti, or I, Darth Rikor Solorium. The IC message will be below here. She is wanted alive, but torture is allowed, as long as she's alive.

IC Message:

"Hello hunters and Mandalorians!

A Rogue Sith, named Melub, is wanted alive for attacking and injuring Reena Solorium. If she is brought in alive, the reward will be 50k. If she's brought in dead, 20k worth of credits. Her last location was in the Promenade, on Nar Shaddaa. If you find her, you are to attack, even if you didn't accept this bounty. If you find her, bring her into Darth Katanyia Solorium, Darth Zathasveti Kairos, or Darth Rikor Solorium.

Happy hunting,
Darth Rikor Solorium."


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