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Dark Hunger (IC Post) Empty Dark Hunger (IC Post)

Post by Exidous on Fri May 03, 2013 10:14 am

Exidous sat in front of the ancient Holocron one more time. This trial had been more than he had hoped. Initially, a tedious task for one less worthy. The meditation before hand served as a stimulant it seemed. When Exidous visited the tombs to report to Ephran he hungered for mutilated flesh, and thirsted for spilled blood. He could practically smell the singed remains that he would leave in his electrified wake. And that's exactly what it was. His choice as an Assassin was forced, but it allowed him to feed the psychological parasite that demanded dark deeds of him. This trial to what Ephran called the "Hate Machine" was more than a target. It was a massacre the entire way. Droids dismantled, bodies dismembered, and arachnids drained of their insides. This... this is what Exidous was constructed for. Born a Zabrak, he was trained to be a killing machine, and he knew that now. This was the beginning of what was to be a much darker path. One that lifted his aspirations beyond breaking the bonds of mere slavery and freeing a people he no longer concerned himself with. It was more than the Empire's prejudice against alien races. Convinced now he was a manifestation of the Dark Side, he was going to use the tools and training he had been given thus far.

His previous master, Darth Xhul now wandered a Sith Temple on Dromund Kaas. Xhul went seeking knowledge and found madness. Killing him would be the next step in proving himself to the Lords of Shadows. It would also be a significant step in rising to his own personal power.


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