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Post by Rikor on Sun May 05, 2013 3:18 pm

Hello Guildmates!

This topic is going over the backstory for Darth Rikor Solorium, leader of our guild. Hope y'all enjoy it.

Basic Information
Height: 6'3
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian(( White ))
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Jet Black
Small Summary: Rikor is a large, muscular male figure that has piercing blue eyes, a scar going down his right eye, and short black hair.

Early Life
Rikor Solorium, birth name being Vikor Solorium, was born on Tatooine, in the outskirts of Mos Ila, near Mos Anek. He had two brothers and a sister, named Didra who was more distant than all of his siblings. His father was a Twi'lek boutny Hunter named Zevros and his mother was a human bartender named Ishla. When Rikor was only three years old, his mother was attacked and killed by vicious womp rats, causing Rikor emotional distress for many years of his childhood.

Rikor was found by a Jedi named Rokivi Lorsa at the age of eleven, who took him to Tython, where he would be swayed by the darkside on multiple accounts, but over come them.

Jedi Life
Upon arriving at the Jedi Temple on Tython, Rikor was taken to the training terminals where he fought against training droids, captured Flesh Raiders, Akk Dogs, and Horranth Matriarch's. He was given an assignment to investigate a Jedi Tomb, but upon entering the tomb, he was attacked by a Nautolan know as Bengel Morr, who tried to turn him over to the darkside, using visions that would later become a reality, in the far future of course.

When returning to the Jedi Temple to report back to the Jedi Council, he was given the rank of Jedi Knight. He'd spend the rest of his time as a Jedi earning his Master's title, but he'd never get it. One day, he was statione don Tatooine, in Mos Espa, to find and eradicate the source of Darkness that was in the core of a Republic Base. On his down time, he spent many hours conversing with local Smuggler, Stell'ange. Soon after, however, Rikor grew to like Stell'ange more than friendship, and wanted to marry her. He hid these feelings, due to the fact that Jedi weren't allowed to be married, or in relationships, for that manner.

After finding the source of the darkness, Rikor was given his last mission before he became a Jedi Master, which was to find an ancient holocron forged on Belsavis, revealing secret hyperspace routes that would aid the Republic dearly. Rikor said his goodbyes to Stell'ange, and took off for Belsavis, but what he didn't know, was that he would be gone for several, several months. During his absence, Stell'ange moved on and started dating a fellow Jedi Knight named Anaris, never telling Rikor about her relationship until it was far too late. Later, Rikor returned to The Carrick Station, to find Stell'ange and Anaris in the cantina, who greeted Rikor in surprise. What they didn't know however, was that Rikor had opened the holocron, enveloped with the Darkside and a Sith Entity that corrupted Rikor's thinking, believing the Jedi were wrong. This also plagued Rikor's body with a flesh eating bacteria.

The Fall of a Jedi
When Rikor returned to Republic Space, he was indeed corrupt with the darkside, and a flesh eating plague that he spread secretly on accident, which aided the Empire in the war. Rikor's ultimate demise was the night he went to Stell'ange's recently opened Barge Party. He felt destroyed when Stell'ange rejected him, finding no friend nearby, except the Sith Entity. Rikor was told by the Sith Entity to go and take revenge for his broken heart, by killing Anaris. Rikor went to the Barge Party, and started a scene, in an attempt to get closer to Anaris. He was deemed unworthy of the Jedi, and cast aside, where Darth Archlord took him to Korriban, and Rikor began his furious re-training, pumped on pure rage and anger.

The Birth of a New Sith
Vikor S. Solorium was claimed Dead, and a new Sith, titled as Deadrikor, aka Rikor, began his onslaught on the Jedi, and the happy couple he felt betrayed by. He easily overpowered the other acolytes, being a Jedi Master before his fall, which made it easier to rank up in the Sith Empire. During his training, he'd run into signature people who would affect his life later, like Katanyia, who would be his wife when he was a newly made Darth, and Kiien Auroran, a Jedi turned Sith like Rikor. Rikor served in many battles, earning him ranks, scars, and emotional damage that would ultimately lead to his power hungry stage, creating Project 4-27-13.

Project 4-27-13
Project 3-27-13 was a prototype stimulant created by Darth Rikor to enhance the senses, instincts, and physical body of the perosn who recieved it. Rikor made it while he was in his power hungry stage, trying to create a Super Soldier army. His first soldier, was his own son, Korrun Solorium, who saw the sick and twisted ways of Rikor and destroyed the whole operation. Korrun grew from 6'1 to 6'11 in the matter of a year, and his senses were infact great. Up until recently, Rikor moved onto other ways, but has now captured Korrun, extracting the stimulant contents from the man himself.

Wife: Katanyia
Children: Jennesa, Korrun
Siblings: Didra, Reena, Sevor
In-Laws: Zathasveti, Maulkin

Comment if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments!



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