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Guild Update 1.1: Economy Empty Guild Update 1.1: Economy

Post by Rikor on Thu May 23, 2013 12:41 am

Hello, Comrades!

Today, at 11:40 PM ( Central Time Zone ), I annoucne the release of Guild Update 1.1: Economy. Economy is adding new features to our guild, such as new requirements, activities, RP events, and more! One of the main features we'd like to share with you is the crew Skills requirement. To become a Member, you now have to have a Crafting Crew Skill of your choice at One hundred and fifty five ( 155 ). This has been implemented to inspire members to really start crafting and become apart of the community. It is recommended to further your crew skills so you can craft items, sell them, and make easy credits!

Another feature that is notable is our Lottery System, a system in which you can win up to 100k credits or an item of your choosing from our Councilor's items in the guild bank that will be added soon. How the system is simple, you donate money based on your level, you get to partake in the Lottery. If you go above and beyond on donating money to the guild bank and items to the guild bank, you can be selected to recieve an item from the Councilor's Item-list, rare or cool items you can use on your characters! Here is the level credit amount you have to donate to the guild bank to be eligible to partake in the Lottery Roll:

Levels 1-10 = 5k
Levels 11-20 = 10k
Levels 21-30 =20k
levels 31-40 = 30k
levels 41-55 = 40k

Don't like crafting, but you REALLY want to partake in the Lottery? Well, here's your chance! We're offering you the ability to pay a credit amount and be eligible for the Lottery, but this is NOT recommended because you'll miss out on not only the councilor's Item-list, but also various guild features, like getting promoted into a division lieutenant and so on. This option is available, but on a personal note, I do not recommend it and recommend just crafting to the specified level.

In conclusion, Game Update 1.1: Economy is bringing new and exciting features for you to really become closer to the community of Lords of Shadows and to hopefully inspire you to craft more! By selling crafted items and giving 10% of what you make atleast into the bank, you'll get access to new features in the guild, and exclusive items! If you go beyond that, you'll get a better chance at Lotteries, and Councilor Items.

Have a great day, and May the Force be with you!
Rikor Very Happy


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