Alle'ryna "Ryna" Endac: Born to Fight

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Alle'ryna "Ryna" Endac: Born to Fight Empty Alle'ryna "Ryna" Endac: Born to Fight

Post by Ryna on Tue May 28, 2013 3:16 pm

Name: Alle'ryna Endac
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Alle, Ryna, Huntress
Race/Gender: Twi'lek Female
Age: 22
Occupation(s): Gladiator (Formerly), Mechanic (Formerly), Smuggler (Formerly), Bounty Hunter
Known Relatives: None
Affiliation(s): Unknown Human Mechanic (Formerly), Unknown Hutt (Formerly), Group of Twi'lek Smugglers (Formerly), "Lords of Shadow" Guild
Current Location: Dromund Kaas
Personal History: Born into slavery on Ryloth, "Ryna" Endac has been unknowingly shaping her current path since early in life. Her first master was a Human mechanic. During her time with him, Ryna learned all types of ships, ranging from small patrol ships to cruisers to even full sized frigates. She worked with him until she was sold. Her second master, an unidentified Hutt, was cruel and merciless. Because he did not consider Ryna to be "attractive" enough to be a dancer, he put her to work as a gladiator at just twelve years old. He expected her to die. However, Ryna proved to be a strong fighter. She won time and again, her youth and shy, gentle appearance distracting her opponents (who were almost entirely male) long enough for her to kill them. It is this tactic that made her so popular among spectators. It was during this time that she honed and perfected her skill with knives, including her signature act of spinning multiple knives on her teeth.
After her second master died when she was 14, she was among a group of five Twi'lek slaves freed by her second master's successor. These five formed a band of smugglers that became famous across the galaxy. They recruited new members into the all-Twi'lek group. Ryna and the group's leader, who was only a year older than her, became very close. A year later, however, the group was all but destroyed on a seemingly routine mission to Hutta. Ryna only survived because her lover sacrificed himself to ensure that she lived. For the next seven years, Ryna, who never accumulated enough credits to get off-world, hunted bounties across Hutta.
During this time as a bounty hunter, Ryna met Sev, a fellow hunter and leading member of the "Lords of Shadow" guild. He recruited her and remains with them to this day.


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