[BIO] Zinaya, Lost Child of Lorrd

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[BIO] Zinaya, Lost Child of Lorrd Empty [BIO] Zinaya, Lost Child of Lorrd

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File is encrypted. You do not have permission to view this dossier.

Welcome, [NAME DELETED].
>>run/scv open

Opening file ZINAYA.scv
Thank you for using Imperial Intelligence Access Point THX-1338, [NAME DELETED].
This terminal will be wiped in 20 seconds.
Long live the Emperor.

Name: Zinaya
Sex: Female
Age: 24, Imperial Standard Years
Species: Human, sub-variant 19 [please see Appendix Aurek: Officially-Classed Sub-Humans And Where To Find Them, An Imperial Guide to People Who Are One Step Above Aliens (third edition, c.v. Dromund Kaas Publishing)]

Skin Variant: 56-H (Dark Brown)
Eye Color: Amber (possible genetic mutation?)
Hair Color: Orange (dyed?)
Distinguishing Features: Lorrdian cultural tattoos (face)

Zinaya was born in the first generation of freed slaves from Lorrd. Upon discovering her sensitivity to the Force, her parents sent her away, in fear of discovery brought on by an almost supernatural dread of the Argazdan overlords that had, until recently, enslaved their people.

She was found in an orphanage on Nar Shaddaa by Imperial scouts, and when her Force Sensitivity was discovered, she was shipped off to Korriban for training. While initially hesitant, enrollment in the appropriate disciplinary lectures and courses1 had the appropriate effect, and she dove into her studies with a renewed vigor.

She has since graduated from the Academy's primary courses and has been sent to the Fleet rendezvous to be apprenticed under a new master.

  1. XenoBio 214: Advanced K'lor'slug Evasion Tactics, XenoBio 136: The Effects of Force Lightning on the Human Nervous System


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