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Post by Au'ran on Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:12 pm

Years ago, Au'rans father Lord Genon Ahkoba, were flying within hyperspace light years ago, when Au'rans. Dreamed stirred him into a cold sweat.

His dream felt so real..seeing his father getting sucked out of the front of the bridge and himself crying to the care-air sucking the life right out him. The void just awaiting to consume another entity I to it's nether less mass.

His tiny fingers barely holding onto the terminal aboard the ship. His finger nails begin to crack and fold backward as he holds on to dear life, whilst listening to the squeals of the imperials flying through the gaping maw of his fathers ship

He shoots upright finding him self in his fathers quarters,drenched in his own cold sweat" D-dad!..." As he looks around to see that everything is in place ad it should be, Au'ran roll's out of bed and dawns on his fathers rather large synth woven coat before opening the door and fleeing down the hallways to see his father,just to know that he is safe upon the bridge and so he's terrible thoughts could subside.

Au'ran exhales his whole body slouching over,relieved he walks up to his large father..seeing Genon staring outward of the ship as he stared outward to see the stars and planets alike, almost looked majestic and above all peaceful. As Au'ran tugged upon his fathers cape Genon, startled At first turns around and looks down to see the little one. "Little,warrior what are you doing awake? You know your mother would see my insides out if..she knew you were waltzing about the ship the night before your arrival to the academy son?"

Au'ran then runs his hands through his ruffled red hair. " I know Fatha' I just... I had a terrible nightmare"

Time goes by after the little one tells the story and Genon starts to walk him back to bed"off you go!" Just when they started to walk away from the bridge, the ship shook with a fierceness that only blaster cannons could ensue (speeding through details, typing on an iPad right now Razz) as Au'ran staggers from the hit he looks to his fathers face knowing that this is indeed reality..this was his dream just not as the child had fore-seen it, the wall right beside Au'ran gave way into a searing heat and barricade of explosion causing his poor father to see his son mangled and the pieces of him scattered throughout the debri's upon the ship.. His father not allowing his emotions to interfere with saving his son he grabs what is left of the child then heads to the escape pods.

Genon uses all of his force power to halt the loss of blood and keep his young son breathing even sharing his own life force with his to keep the tiny souls heart beating,but he wasn't alone he could feel his son fighting with all of his might just to see the look in his fathers eyes once not appear weak to not leave him,not like this.

Fade to black, Genon went mad wrought with grief and a relentless hope that his son will indeed awake someday,to be clinging onto the back of his cape again,hug his mother, join the ranks of the academy and eventually becoming sith along side of himself and his ancestors.

While gathering the best cybernetic scientists in the fleet to see to it that his sons body is remade, with the finest metals implants and brilliant minds he never left his sons side ..for three years until finally his eyes opened within the floating hydro-chamber".

When ready and his body fully healed and strong. Au'ran went on to cut thought ranks of the academy gaining his first lightsaber and later through missions as an apprentice his master had met his end at the hand of a jedi weakend after dealing the final blow to is meter Au'ran saw his window of opportunity and struck the jedi down relentlessly...

The empire then sent the strong warrior to be under Lord Rikor to undergo the rest of his remaining trials as an apprentice .(hope you all enjoyed this! As soon as I get to a comp ill polish this out Wink ))


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