CLASSIFIED: Person of Interest (ID#: MOB3445686-1138)

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CLASSIFIED: Person of Interest (ID#: MOB3445686-1138) Empty CLASSIFIED: Person of Interest (ID#: MOB3445686-1138)

Post by Lagnnoz on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:55 pm

To: Ministry of Intelligence
From: Sphere of Imperial Intelligence
Clearance: For the eyes of the Minister of Intelligence ONLY

The Ministry of Intelligence will now handle the tracking of MOB3445686-1138. Target is constantly mobile and difficult to track. MI will report the activities of 1138 directly to the SII, and will make no further inquiries on the matter. You will be given information deemed necessary. File updates below.


FIRST: Lagnnoz
LAST: Val(?)
RACE: Zabrak (Iridonian)
AGE: 21 (approx.)
HEIGHT: 6'1-6'2

*DATE: ****** Child discovered in (undisclosed) cave in proximity to acid pool during ********** Iridonia Expedition (CLASSIFIED). (Note: Child stripped of blood-soaked clothes and brought into Imperial custody. No other bodies found.) TRACKING #: MOB3445686-1138

*DATE: ****** sold to ***** after the *Caretaker Incident* (Unexplained death of ***** ******)

*DATE: ****** re-emerges on slave market. Purchased by Imperial ***** branch and re-located to *******. Slave revolt takes place within 3 weeks of arrival. CASUALTIES: *****. 1138 taken into custody for questioning.

*DATE: ****** transferred into Sith custody. Found to be Force Sensitive (Midi-chlorian count: ***** per cell). Transferred to Korriban and given the title of Apprentice under order of Darth *****.

Note: MOB3445686-1138 shows amazing promise in the use of the force. Has no fear of death, but rather fears a death by the hands of anyone who he deems “unworthy”. 1138 is able to sway masses in his favor with words alone, his voice has been deemed just as dangerous as his use of the force (if a need to approach is deemed necessary, do so with caution; agents have been known to take their own lives after speaking with 1138). Very protective of close associates and WILL kill active threats.

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